5 Ways to Build Your Brand with an eBook

By Walter Sanders


Chicago funny man Bill Linden has had a remarkable career as a soldier, a graphic designer for the Chicago Sun-Times, and a writer for the nationally syndicated comic strips Shoe and B.C.

Bill Linden goes digital

He also entertains a Facebook audience with gags, wit and clever social media engagement constructs. He invites his friends to do things like create captions for odd ball pictures, mash-up song titles that describe their lives, and compile pet peeves. Linden calls his own pet peeves “bees in my bonnet.”

His “bees in my bonnet” posts have garnered thousands of Facebook “likes”…and inspired him to go digital with his first eBook: 999 Bees in My Bonnet: A Collection of Irritating Irritants.

The collection is clever, profane (Linden drops the F-bomb 60 times), socially relevant and damn funny. And your belly-laugh ROI is well worth every one-tenth of a nickel you’ll spend per gag. I urge you to buy his eBook.
But there’s a bigger story here.

Build Your Brand with an eBook

You have something to say. Your brand provides value, enlightenment or, in Linden’s case, an entertainment zinger in every bee in the bonnet stinger.

How does an eBook help build your brand?

1. Authorship gives you marketing and branding credibility
2. Broadens your brand’s digital footprint
3. Can provide a revenue stream
4. Serve as a value-added free customer incentive
5. Might go viral if it plucks the right digital strings

Follow Bill Linden’s lead. Expand your brand’s relevance. An eBook is less expensive to produce than a printed book. If it resonates with audiences it can attract all sorts of reader and media attention.

Convert the bees in your bonnet into media buzz for your brand.

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